About the Movie

Dead Dicks is one of the most touching, powerful, emotional stories I’ve ever seen told in the genre. In fact never has a horror movie made me cry. Ever.  Dead Dicks did.”

– Phil Wheat, Nerdly

“A masterclass in small-scale, high-concept filmmaking, this dazzling debut feature is a real charmer. “

– Grimmfest

“…Dead Dicks tackles taboos, blending trippy horror, irreverent humor, and shocking tenderness to create a film that’s both darkly challenging and wildly entertaining.”

– Kristy Puchko, Pajiba

“This impressive first feature from Montreal-based duo Chris Bavota & Lee Paula Springer is brilliantly written and devastatingly heartfelt.”

– Justin Langlois, Fantasia International Film Festival


When a young nursing student named Becca receives a series of panicked messages from her older brother Richie, she rushes over to check on him. Following a seemingly successful suicide attempt, Richie, who suffers from mental illness, has discovered what appears to be his own dead body. When Becca gets to his apartment, they find several more dead versions of Richie and together, try to figure out how and why he keeps being reborn each time he takes his own life.

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