Holy Dick! We Won An Award

After the whirlwind that was our World Premiere, Lee and I enjoyed the final days of the Fantasia International Film Festival having no more stress and anxiety in regards to our screening. We watched a few movies, chatted with old and new friends, had a few drinks. It was great.

Then the festival was over and we returned to our normal day to day lives. We discussed the next steps for Dead Dicks, sending it off to other festivals, looking for a sales agent/distributor. And the something we hadn’t anticipated happened…

We won the Audience Award for Best Canadian Feature.

Matt's prothetic head accepts the Audience Award for Best Canadian feature

It’s still hard to believe and understand, but the fact of the matter is, somehow, Dead Dicks connected with its audience enough that they went out and voted and our little film won.

We want to thank everyone at Fantasia for programming the movie, and all of the incredible people who managed to get a ticket (the screening was sold out) and came out to the screening. And of course, to our amazing Cast & Crew. We are eternally grateful.

Some cast & crew from Dead Dicks accepting the award.

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