Heston Horwin is Such a Dick

Almost exactly one year ago, Albert and Lee convinced me to fly (I hate flying) to Atlanta for a week and then drive up to Chattanooga for CFF (the Chattanooga Film Festival). A few of our friends had films playing and I wanted to visit more film festivals outside of Montreal and Toronto, to spread my wings, so to speak. Little did I know that I was about to meet the talented and ever-so-taller-than-me Heston “Win Horlose” Horwin.

It was a rainy and cold evening when Heston came walking around the corner, and I thought to myself, “What a dick!” Of course, I was referring to the character of Richie “Dick” McDicksie (Lee’s note: that is definitely not his name) in the magnum opus Dead Dicks, even though we had yet to even conceive the project, let alone the character.

All joking aside, hanging out with Heston in Chattanooga and watching Rock Steady Row sparked something and he became the inspiration for two different characters in two different scripts that Lee and I wrote. Thankfully, he was open to reading both screenplays and agreed to let his light shine all over both of them.

Hopefully, the world is ready.

Check Heston out on IMDB.

Read a little bit more about Heston on our Cast & Crew page.

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