Our Leading Lady

They say that ninety percent of good directing is finding the right cast. Since this is our feature directorial debut, we REALLY wanted to get this right. (You know, measure twice, cut once and all that.) After a lengthy search, we finally found Jillian Harris, the perfect person to embody the role of Becca, our female protagonist.

Jillian Harris
Jillian Harris playing the role of Becca

We are psyched to have Jillian onboard this weird little picture, and we know she will bring all of her considerable talents to the role.

Find Jillian on IMDB.

Read a little more about Jillian on our Cast & Crew page.

2 thoughts on “Our Leading Lady

  1. Nancy Horwin says:

    Definately looks like she could be Heston’s sister!
    Great cast!!


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