Location, Location, Location

You would think finding the locations for a movie set almost entirely in one apartment would be easy. You would be wrong.

Searching around Montreal for a tenant/landlord that would be willing to allow twenty people to take over their living space for three weeks was more challenging than we first expected. We put the call out in December and got a couple leads. We also enlisted the help of Chris MacKenzie, who would come to be known as our Location Manager (and Behind-the-Scenes Special Features Guy).

The first apartment we saw was perfect. The renters were going to be out of town and it was big enough for us to shoot and house the crew. Amazing! However, we quickly learned that an enthusiastic “Yes” from the renter could actually turn into a great big “No” from the landlord. Lesson learned: always ask the landlord first. (Well, to be frank, we went through this a few times before we actually learned that lesson.)

A couple months went by and we still hadn’t locked our main location. We decided to turn to AirBnB to see if anyone would be willing to let us film in their rental units. As we started down that road, we happened to mention to a close friend that we were still on the hunt. Lo and behold, he and his family owned a building that might work perfectly. We went. We saw. And we immediately fell in love with the space. It would be perfect. And they were the landlords so their enthusiastic “Yes” was all we needed. Thank you, Aronson family. You saved us!

With “Richie’s Apartment” locked, we completed the last pieces of our locations puzzle. We got “Becca’s Loft” (thanks to Lee’s sister ZoĆ©), the “Bar” (thanks to Jeff Picard and Brutopia) and we got our “Exterior Building” (thanks to the Doak Brothers and Wayne Brophy). Four locations locked for our micro-budget film. Yippee!

Now we just have to finish casting.

2 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location

    1. Chris says:

      It isn’t really set anywhere. You can see some French on a few things, since we filmed in Montreal, but we didn’t really force any specific city into the narrative.


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