Out Loud and Incredibly Humbling

Writing is a lonely process, so having a writing partner already makes it that much more bearable (thanks, Lee). It also makes it less weird to read through dialogue out loud, since you aren’t doing a one-person show, using different voices to keep it interesting. Though, the best alternative solution to all of those annoying options is to have an actual table read.

With the help of Straeon Acting Studio, we pulled together five of their students to perform our first table read for Dead Dicks. Straeon was even nice enough to let us use their studio space (thank you, Jock and Isabel). Even though a snow storm did its best to keep us apart, everyone trudged through the fluffy stuff and made it down.

These amazing young and talented actors allowed us to hear our characters’ voices for the first time. Some of it was okay, some of it was really good, and yes, some of it was pretty bad. While it quickly became clear which sections needed to be rewritten (all part of the process), we were really relieved that a few scenes were actually funny as they were. So, on to the next draft we went, with a much clearer understanding of our characters and a more focused, scene-specific approach to the rewrite.

A huge thank you Julia Thomas, Kenny Wong, Jean Bernard, Maria Kammoun and Jai Kohaal for being a part of our first ever table read. We can’t express how helpful it was to watch and hear you all perform Dead Dicks. And of course, a huge thanks to Jock MacDonald and Isabel Farias Lehoux at Straeon for helping us put it all together.

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