Let the Casting Begin!

Often enough when you develop a character in your screenplay, you have a specific actor in mind to help you focus on a voice or style. If you’re super lucky, you may even figure out a way to get your completed script onto the desk of their manager or agent, and because the script is incredibly written, they pass it on to said actor who personally calls you up on the phone to praise your talent and beg to be a part of your vision.

Even better, become friends with extremely talented actors and just write parts for them. Then threaten to end years of friendship and they have no choice but to be in your film.

And with that, I would like to announce that performing in the role of MATT will be none other than…


I had the pleasure of meeting Matt when I co-produced and co-write a short film called Never Tear Us Apart, directed by Sid Zanforlin. I was impressed by his great comic timing and super positive attitude. We couldn’t be happier having him on board as an actor, and also behind the scenes as one of our producers.

Check Matt out on IMDB.

Read a little bit more about Matt on our Cast & Crew page.

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