Finishing off the script

The original idea for Dead Dicks had been floating around for a few years. It all started with the concept of a character who upon waking up in his apartment, would find his own corpse hanging in the closet. Not much else existed in terms of the why or how, or even what happened next. For some reason, about three months ago, Lee and I convinced each other that this was the idea we should focus on when we decided to make a micro-budget feature film.

Could we create an entire story around this set up, that would take place in one location with a maximum of three (or so) characters? Could we raise enough money through friends and family to fund such a ridiculous movie.

The simple answer to both questions is… YES!

As of today, we will be documenting our journey of bringing Dead Dicks to life as our debut feature film as a directing duo.

Keep checking in for updates on how the whole mess comes together. Now we actually have to go and write the darned thing.

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